DMV Appointment: Offices and all the details

Before talking about a DMV appointment, you may know that the Department of Motor Vehicles is the entity in charge of carrying out any procedure related to driver’s licenses and vehicles, such as registrations, applications, payments, updating and issuance of IDs, such as the Real ID, among others.

At, we focus on informing you about the request of a DMV appointment before performing a procedure in any of the DMV offices.

Why do I have to make a DMV appointment?

There are several reasons why you should schedule a DMV appointment with your DMV state. Primarily, you need to make a DMV appointment for any paperwork that is exclusively in-person.

While there are some procedures that you can complete at home, there are some that you must complete, without exception, at a DMV office, such as receiving your Real ID, vision tests, or driving tests.

How do I request a DMV appointment

To book a DMV appointment in your state, you have three ways to do so: by going to a DMV office, by phone, or online.

Thanks to the technology that the DMV has implemented in its online system, many of the procedures that you used to have to do in person at a DMV office can now be done from the comfort of your own home, just by using a mobile device with an internet connection.

Where can I make a DMV appointment

We have a list of all the states, to provide you with information, where you can find out how to request an appointment, what documentation you must present and which procedures you can perform online and, necessarily, in person at a DMV office.

DMV offices in each state

If you need to request a DMV appointment, you can access all the information just by clicking on your state, below. To learn more about the offices in each state and county in the country, go to our website and select the location where you reside.