How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

Need to request an appointment with DMV Colorado, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know to request an appointment and, subsequently, perform the procedure you need.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

If you want to renew your driver’s license, take a driving test or modify data in the system, among many other procedures that you can perform at DMV Colorado, you can do it in person at one of the offices, by phone or online.

It is important to remember that the DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles, the government agency in charge of all procedures related to vehicles and their drivers, such as issuing licenses, registering or changing vehicle titles, etc.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Step by Step

As mentioned above, if you need to request an appointment at the DMV Colorado, you can do so online, by phone or at one of the DMV offices in Colorado, which we will detail below, since not all counties have a physical office.

Let’s take a look at each of these three methods of requesting an appointment below.


  1. Go to the official DMV Colorado website and locate the appointment option. You can log in directly by clicking on this link.
  2. Click on “Schedule your Colorado DMV appointment any time online”.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

  1. Next, a new window will open. Click the “Schedule an appointment” button to begin requesting an appointment.
  1. Select the county office in the county in which you reside, or the DMV Colorado branch office that is easiest and most convenient for you to visit on the day of your appointment.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

  1. Select the service you wish to process and click on the appropriate button. You can choose from the following options:
  • CDL Written Test.
  • CO-RCSA SB251.
  • First Time CO DL/ID/Permit.
  • Renew Colorado Driver License/ID/Permit.
  • Written Test.
  1. After selecting the procedure that you wish to perform, a new window will appear with a calendar with the days and times available for each appointment, depending on the day.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

  1. Select the day and time that suits you best. Do not forget to check your agenda to avoid confusion and not to miss the appointment.
  2. Next, you must fill in the requested personal information.
  3. Verify that each information is correct, as you will not be able to modify certain data.

How to request an appointment at DMV Colorado: Steps

  1. Click on submit to complete the application.

Once you have the agreed date, print the application that will be sent to your e-mail, since you will have to present it at the time of your appointment.

RECOMMENDATION: If possible, do not have another commitment on the day you have requested your appointment, as you should have ample time available on that day, since the duration of the process varies according to each step.

By telephone

In case you prefer to request your appointment by phone, you can do so by calling the DMV Colorado telephone number: 7202952965.

In person at a DMV Colorado office

Some DMV Colorado offices may be open and some may be closed, depending on the county in which you reside. To find out about these offices and which one is best for you, log on to the official DMV Colorado website and find the branch nearest you.

Learn more about their addresses, phone numbers and hours of operation by clicking on this link.

What paperwork is available at DMV Colorado?

As mentioned above, the paperwork available at the DMV Colorado varies from county to county. In most Colorado counties, the paperwork that can be completed online, and some in person, are listed below.

Remember that there are procedures that you can do from the comfort of your own home, just with a mobile device and with an internet connection, so you don’t have to travel to the office. However, there are certain procedures that must be done in person.

From we recommend you to check if the procedure you want to carry out is available in your county. Now, let’s see what are these procedures, for which you must request an appointment.

First Time CO DL/ID/Permit

If you need to apply for a driver’s license or identification card, an external permit, transfer of licenses from one state to another. Here you can also make an appointment to request a hearing date, deliver results to authorized third parties, or make a restitution payment.

Not all offices have full reinstatement services available, so you will need to go to this link for full information.

Renew Colorado driver’s license/ID/Colorado permit

This option is for those who already have a license, permit or ID card, either current or expired less than one year ago. These procedures cannot be completed online.

By requesting this appointment, you can not only renew, but also downgrade a license, add endorsements, license replacements, stolen or lost permits, and identification documents. In addition, this appointment can be used to change personal information on the license, ID or permit, such as name or new Colorado address.

Written test

In the event that you need to take a written test to apply for a license or renew your license due to expiration (more than one year ago), you will obtain your instruction permit, which includes motorcycle and CDL, ONLY if you pass the test.

CDL and Motorcycle Driving Test

This button is to make an appointment for the CDL and motorcycle skills test, as you need to upgrade your instruction permit to a motorcycle endorsement.

Not all DMV Colorado offices have this option available, so you may want to look for a valid third-party evaluator for the application at the DMV Colorado.


This is for Colorado residents who do not have an identification document and therefore do not have a current SB251 credential. Also, you may select this option if you need to take a written test, or for renewal of a current driver’s license, ID or SB251 instruction permit.

If an update is not necessary, you can complete this transaction at You can also update IDs and permits if the test was completed by a third party.

MVR/Reinstate/Pay a Ticket/DOT Med

This option is for those who need to provide fees and requirements for card cancellation, denial, suspension or renewal. It is also for CDL drivers, who can provide a DOT medical card, and to pay fines.

Motor Vehicle Report

This button is in case you need to request a copy of your motor vehicle record, or another customer’s record, plus updated permits (DR2489 complete).

Vehicle Services IRP Originals, Supplements or Renewals

Use this button for International Registration Plan (IRP) services for carriers doing business in different states. These appointments are for new originals, supplements and renewals.

Other Appointments

In this button you will find other types of appointments that are only given in some counties, and are not available in state offices. These appointments are for:

  • Motor Vehicle Services at Lakewood.
  • Reinstatements at Lakewood.