How to request an appointment at DMV Kansas: Details

If you need to visit the DMV Kansas, either because you are a new resident of the state, or because you wish to complete any DMV-related paperwork, this article will answer all of your questions regarding the steps you can take through the means available to you at the DMV Kansas, which we will discuss below.

How to request an appointment at DMV Kansas: Details

It is worth mentioning that the DMV, or DOV (Department of Vehicles), is the Department of Motor Vehicles, the agency in charge of processing all the procedures related to the driver’s license, vehicle and driver. It is also in charge of the paperwork administered by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

What procedures can I complete at DMV Kansas

Among the procedures you can perform at the DMV Kansas, you can find a wide variety of driver’s license, vehicle and driver-related errands. In order to carry out these procedures, the applicant must make an appointment in case he or she needs to go to a DMV Kansas office in person.

However, there are other procedures that can be carried out online and over the phone, without the need to leave your home. Here are some of the most frequent procedures that can be completed from the DMV Kansas website:

Driver’s license application

The DMV Kansas allows you to apply for a driver’s license, which must be done by appointment, in order to take the driving tests (written and practical) on the agreed day and time. Teen drivers from Kansas may apply for their license, depending on their age and driving skills.

In case the Kansas resident is not eligible to drive a vehicle, he/she can apply for an identification card, proving that the applicant is eligible to drive, residing in Kansas and with his/her personal data.

Driver Services

  • Obtain a driver’s license.
  • Renew your license with iKan.
  • Driver’s license offices.
  • Real ID.
  • Checklist of documents.
  • Kansas Driver Practice Test (Alexa Ability).
  • Suspension.
  • Forms.

How to request an appointment at DMV Kansas: Details

Driver manuals

You can access different manuals to prepare you to take your driving test. Among the handbooks, you can find:

  • Driver Training.
  • Kansas Driver’s License Handbook.
  • Commercial Driver’s License.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Motorcycle training.
  • Change of Address.
  • Parent Supervised Driving Program.
  • Voluntary surrender form.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

  • CDL Driving Test Locations, schools, forms and manuals.
  • Kansas Driver’s License Handbook.
  • Online Medical Certification Application and form.
  • Medical Record.
  • Hazmat endorsement.
  • Hazmat Certification Requirements.
  • Kansas Military CDL Skills Test Exemption Program.

Teen Drivers

Teen drivers between the ages of 14 and 17 may obtain a graduated driver’s license. Teens over the age of 18 will have privileges based on their age and driving experience.

On the DMV Kansas website, drivers can obtain the following information to consider when applying for or renewing driver’s licenses.

  • Driver’s License Handbook.
  • License renewal notice for Drivers under 21.
  • Driver education permit resource.
  • Driving schools.
  • Graduated driver license data for teens.
  • Q-Flow Waiting Line Management System.

What documents do I have to show at DMV Kansas appointment

If you have already requested your appointment, which we will explain below, you should keep in mind that at the time of your appointment, whether it is for a driver’s license or REAL ID application, you will need to present a series of documents, which are as follows:

  • Proof of S. citizenship, or legal presence, which can be the applicant’s passport or birth certificate.
  • Proof of social security number, this can be the social security number card, or, failing that, a W-2 form.
  • Two documents certifying that the applicant resides in Kansas, such as utility bills, such as electric, water, gas, internet or cable, or a lease agreement.

The documents you submit must be originals and, if required, must be stamped. If you have already sent or presented these documents at the time of requesting the appointment online, you must present an identification card, or your driver’s license, if you have one.

RECOMMENDATION: By presenting these documents, the process will be expedited and the visit will be faster.

How to Request an Appointment at DMV Kansas: Step by Step

  1. Access the official DMV Kansas website. You can do so from this linkHow to request an appointment at DMV Kansas: Details
  2. Locate the “Online Services” section.
  3. Choose the process you wish to complete (Driver’s License/ID, Vehicles or Schedule an Appointment).
  4. Select the option to schedule an appointment.
  5. You can choose to schedule an appointment for driving tests, renewals and issuance of driver’s license, ID card, duplicate or make payments and modifications of personal data.
  6. Select the date and time that is most convenient for you, and click Continue to finalize the operation.
  7. Print the confirmation of the appointment request, or write down the corresponding information to present on the day of the appointment to avoid possible confusion.

Important information to keep in mind

  • Check that the office where you will go to make your procedure is open to the public, as some do not have this option and will only be able to attend you by phone.
  • You can check the DMV Kansas office hours for your county on their website.
  • It is important that you make an appointment before you go to the DMV, as it is necessary to make an appointment for some procedures that cannot be done over the phone, online or by mail.

How to request an appointment at DMV Kansas: Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best times to come to the DMV Kansas?

At, we recommend that you visit the DMV Kansas office at certain times of the day, and avoid other times when customer service is most in demand.

Let’s take a look at the best times to visit a DMV Kansas office below.

  • Mornings are quieter and less crowded.
  • Avoid going to the office on Mondays and Fridays, as these are the days when the most applicants visit the DMV Kansas.
  • Avoid midday, as this is the time when customer service officers take time for lunch and, therefore, fewer staff are available.