How to get an appointment at OMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

Do you need to visit a OMV Louisiana office for any paperwork related to your driver’s license, driver or vehicle in question? First of all, you should know that, in order to appear at a OMV Louisiana office, you must request an appointment, but don’t worry, it is a simple procedure that you will be able to carry out through different means.

How to get an appointment at OMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

It is worth mentioning that, in Louisiana, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is also known as OMV, which is the Office of Motor Vehicles, the entity in charge of processing any procedure related to drivers, licenses and their vehicles.

Whether you are renewing or applying for a driver’s license at the OMV Louisiana because you are a new resident of the state, applying for a license for the first time, modifying your personal information, registering a vehicle, or any other OMV (Office of Motor Vehicles) related transaction, you must schedule an appointment.

You have three options to request an appointment: online, by phone, or in person at an OMV in your county.

What paperwork can I do at OMV Louisiana

Currently, the official OMV Louisiana website has implemented a series of online services, so applicants can complete their paperwork from the comfort of their homes, with just a mobile device with an internet connection.

FACT: Not all paperwork is available to complete on the web, as there are some, such as the driving test, that must be completed at OMV Louisiana offices.

Driver’s license

  • Renew license
  • Apply for a new license
  • Duplicate and replacement license
  • Driver Registration
  • Transfer license in Louisiana
  • Permits
  • Real ID
  • Medical and vision requirements

CDL driver’s license

  • Renew CDL
  • Apply for new CDL
  • Self-certification
  • Medical Status Consultation

Vehicle Service

  • Title and registrations
  • International registration
  • Plates
  • Declaration of non-use

Identification Card ID/Cards

  • Apply for duplicate
  • Renew ID card
  • Requirements for Renew ID card

What documents should I bring to my OMV Louisiana appointment?

If you are applying for or renewing a driver’s license, travel ID or REAL ID, there are a number of documents you will need to bring to your OMV Louisiana appointment.

  • Proof of S. citizenship, or lawful presence, can be a passport or birth certificate.
  • Proof of social security number, which can be a social security card or, failing that, a W-2 form.
  • Two documents verifying that the applicant resides in Louisiana, such as utility bills, such as electric, water, gas, internet or telephone, or a lease agreement.

You can present this documentation when you apply for the appointment online. In this case, when it is time for your OMV Louisiana appointment, you will need to present at least one identification card or your driver’s license.

 How to request an appointment at OMV Louisiana

  1. Access the official OMV Louisiana website from this link.
  2. Locate the “Book Appointment” option, as shown in the image, and click the button.

How to get an appointment at DMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

3. Next, a new screen will appear, requesting your login information. If you do not have a username and password, you can create one. In any case, you can do this procedure without being registered.

4. Click on “Book Apointment“, the top button on the right side.

How to get an appointment at DMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

5. Select the location where you want to perform the procedure.

How to get an appointment at DMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

6. Choose the type of transaction you need to complete.

How to get an appointment at DMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

7. Next, choose the time and date that is most convenient for you to visit the OMV Louisiana office.

How to get an appointment at DMV Louisiana: Complete Guide

8. Finally, fill in your personal information It is mandatory that you enter at least your Firt name, Last name and telephone number.

9. Click on “Finalize appointment” to schedule your appointment.

10. A new screen will display your appointment information, which you will need to print or write down to bring with you on the day of your appointment.

IMPORTANT: There are offices that are not open to the public, and are only available by telephone.

You can check the information for the office you wish to visit on the official OMV Louisiana website, where you will find the hours of operation and phone numbers for the office in your county.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best times to visit the OMV Louisiana?

At, we recommend visiting the OMV Louisiana at the following times and days:

  • Try to go on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, as Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days for OMV Louisiana.
  • Avoid midday, as this is the time when customer service officers take their lunch break, so fewer staff are available at this time.
  • Go to the OMV Louisiana office in the morning, if possible, as more people come to the offices in the afternoon.
  • Go to the office at least one hour before the office closes if you do not have an appointment, as the appointment itself may take up to an hour.
  • Be at the OMV Louisiana office at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.