How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

Are you a new New Hampshire resident and need to register your vehicle? Is this the first time you need to apply for your driver’s license? Do you need to apply for a REAL ID? For these, and many other procedures, you need to make an appointment with the DMV New Hampshire.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

It is worth mentioning that the DMV is the Division/Department of Motor Vehicles, the entity in charge of processing all driver’s license, driver and vehicle related paperwork, as well as other paperwork related to the State of New Hampshire.

There are three ways to request an appointment at the DMV New Hampshire: by phone, in person at the DMV New Hampshire office nearest you, or online with an internet-enabled mobile device, without having to leave your home.

What paperwork can I do at DMV New Hampshire?

Nowadays, and even more so with the arrival of the pandemic, the DMV New Hampshire has added a lot of services that can be performed from the official website, without having to leave the comfort of your home. This will make visiting the DMV New Hampshire  quicker and more efficient.

However, there are some procedures that must be performed in an office, no exceptions, for which an appointment must be made in advance. Among the procedures that can be completed online, from the DMV New Hampshire system, are the following:

Online Services

These are the procedures that you can complete online at the DMV New Hampshire webpage.

  • Driver License Renewal.
  • Non Driver ID Renewal.
  • Respond To A Ticket.
  • Motorcycle Training Classes.
  • Duplicate License or ID.
  • Request Driving Record.
  • Accident Insurance Verification.

Driver License/Non-Driver IDs

  • Apply for Your First Driver License/Non Driver ID.
  • CDL Learner’s Permit.
  • Commercial Driver Licenses.
  • CDL Medical Card.
  • Duplicate Driver License/Non-Driver ID.
  • Driver Education.
  • REAL ID.
  • Minors and Youth Operators.
  • Renew a Driver License/Non-Driver ID.
  • Motorcycle License Endorsement.
  • Transfer License from Another State.
  • Non-US Citizens.
  • Update Personal Information.

Vehicle Registrations

  • Apply for a Title.
  • Temporary Plates.
  • Anti-Theft.
  • Plate Types.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Verification.
  • Boat Registrations.
  • Salvage and Rebuilt Vehicles.
  • Walking Disability.
  • Exempt Vehicles.
  • Inspections and Emissions.
  • New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board.
  • IRP (Apportioned Plates).
  • Purchasing or Selling a Titled Vehicle.

Suspensions/Tickets/Driving Records

  • Accidents Reports.
  • Driving Records.
  • Demerit Points.
  • Driver Improvement Courses.
  • Accident Insurance Verification.
  • Pay a Restoration Fee.
  • Additional Financial Responsibility Info.
  • Ignition Interlock Program.
  • Impaired Driver Intervention Programs.
  • Insurance Requirements / SR-22.
  • Respond to a Motor Vehicle Ticket.
  • Suspension and Restoration.


  • Arbitration.
  • Boat Registration.
  • Driver Education.
  • Driver Licensing.
  • Emissions.
  • Financial Responsibility.
  • Motorcycle Rider Training.
  • Pupil Transportation.
  • Registration.
  • Title.
  • Vehicle Inspection.

What documents do I need to bring to my DMV New Hampshire appointment

In case you need to perform any procedure in a DMV New Hampshire, whether it is applying for a REAL ID or a driver’s license, you will need to show to the officials a series of current documents so that you can perform your procedure smoothly and quickly.

IMPORTANT: Check which documents you need to bring depending on the procedure you want to perform.

To avoid problems at the time of your appointment at DMV New Hampshire, you will need to bring at least the following documents, which will be necessary at the moment you collect all the paperwork.

  • Proof of identity, which can be your birth certificate and passport.
  • Proof of social security number, which can be a social security card or a W-2 form.
  • Two documents certifying that the applicant resides in New Hampshire, this can be a utility bill, such as gas, water, electricity, internet or cable, or a lease.

How to request an appointment at DMV New Hampshire: Steps

  1. Log in to the official DMV New Hampshire website. Click here to go directly to the pre-appointment section.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

2. Click on the procedure for which you need to request an appointment, as shown in the image.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

3. Click on “Make an appointment“.

4. A new page will open, select the type of service.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

5. Click on the service, on the down arrow on the right.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

6. Next, select the type of procedure you wish to perform.

7. In the second section, choose the New Hampshire DMV office where you will perform the service, according to your place of residence.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

8. Then, select the day and time to schedule the date.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

9. Fill in the requested personal information, accept the terms and conditions and click on “Create appointment“.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

10. Done! You now have your DMV New Hampshire pre-appointment scheduled.

How to apply for a DMV New Hampshire appointment: Step by Step

Print or write down in a safe place the appointment confirmation code, the date and time you must go, and the office and its address.

REMINDER: Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.

DMV New Hampshire office contact information

Contact Telephone Numbers

New Hampshire DMV Central Address:

23 Hazen Drive. Concord, NH. 03305.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the best times to make an appointment at DMV New Hampshire?

At, we recommend that you request an appointment at the following times, as there will be fewer people at the DMV New Hampshire, and you will be seen more quickly.

  • Mornings are less crowded than afternoons.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays tend to be less crowded than Mondays and Fridays, so waiting times may be longer.
  • Try to avoid midday, as this is the lunch hour and, therefore, there are fewer customer service staff at DMV New Hampshire

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t forget to ask about the documentation you must present, as it may change, depending on the procedure you wish to carry out.

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