How to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island: Steps to Follow

Are you a new Rhode Island resident and need to register your vehicle, take driving tests to apply for a new driver’s license, or renew your old one? For these procedures, among others, you must make an appointment at the DMV Rhode Island.

How to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island: Steps to Follow

In this article, we will explain how to request an appointment with the DMV Rhode Island, so that you can complete your paperwork without any inconveniences. You can do it online, with a mobile device with an internet connection, by phone, at one of the numbers below, or in person, at the DMV Rhode Island office nearest you.

It is worth mentioning that the DMV is the “Division of Motor Vehicles”, also known as the “Department of Motor Vehicles” in most states in the United States. The DMV is the agency in charge of processing all driver-related paperwork, such as driver’s license, driving tests, and vehicle paperwork, such as registering a vehicle from one state to Rhode Island.

In addition, the DMV Rhode Island handles some errands that have to do with the state of Rhode Island.

What paperwork can I do at the DMV Rhode Island?

The DMV Rhode Island has added multiple services for completing paperwork online, without the need to visit an office in person.

This increased with the arrival of the pandemic, since, with this digital option, not only were the processes expedited, but also, as a preventive measure, crowds were avoided and, therefore, long lines and hours of waiting.

Licenses, Permits & IDs

  • Overview.
  • Driver’s Licenses.
  • REAL ID.
  • Commercial.
  • Permits & Tests.
  • Motorcycles.
  • State ID.

Registrations, Plates & Titles

  • Overview.
  • Registration.
  • License Plates.
  • Transfers.
  • Safety & Emissions Inspections.
  • Sales Tax.
  • Titles.
  • Buying Advice.

Adjudications & Suspensions

  • Overview.
  • Adjudication Office.
  • Alcohol-related License Suspensions.
  • Suspensions & Reinstatements.
  • Insurance Verification Program.


  • Overview.
  • Business Forms.
  • Checklists.
  • Disability Forms.
  • Enforcement Forms.
  • License Forms.
  • Registration Forms.
  • School Bus Forms.
  • Taxation Forms.
  • Title Forms.

Online Services

  • Cancel Registration.
  • Commercial License Medical Certificate.
  • Change Your Address.
  • Check My License Status.
  • License/State ID/CDL Renewal.
  • Duplicate Driver’s License.
  • Duplicate Registration.
  • Flashing Light Permits.
  • Insurance Revocation Reinstatement.
  • License Reinstatement Failure to Pay/Appear.
  • Licensed Driver Records.
  • Oversize/Overweight Trucking Permits.
  • Registration Renewal.

What documentation do I need to show at the DMV Rhode Island appointment?

Whether you are applying for a driver’s license or REAL ID at the DMV Rhode Island, a series of documents will be asked, without exception.

If you attached this documentation at the time you applied for a date, you would not need to resubmit them, as they are recorded in the system.

Your visit to the DMV Rhode Island will be faster by presenting the following documents:

  • Proof of identity, this can be a passport or birth certificate.
  • Two documents that certify that the applicant resides in Rhode Island, this can be bills, such as a lease or water, electricity, gas, cable, internet, or another utility bill.
  • Proof of social security number, it can be a social security card or a W-2 form.

IMPORTANT: All of these documents must be original, current and valid. If it is a copy, it must be stamped and certified by the corresponding entity.

How to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island: Steps to Follow

To request an appointment at the DMV Rhode Island, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the official DMV Rhode Island website by clicking here.
  2. Locate the “Schedule reservation and Road tests” option, as shown in the image.

How to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island: Steps to Follow

  1. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the option for the procedure you wish to complete.

How to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island: Steps to Follow

  1. Continue with the requested steps until you select the date, time and place of your appointment.
  2. At the end of the operation, we recommend that you print the confirmation code or write it down to present it on the day of the appointment.

TIP: Bringing all the necessary documents with you will make your visit to the DMV Rhode Island faster.

DMV Rhode Island contact information


600 New London Avenue. Cranston, RI. 02920-3024.

Telephone numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best times to request an appointment at DMV Rhode Island office?

At, we recommend that you go to a DMV Rhode Island bureau during the next times of the day, as these are the times when the offices are least crowded.

The best times to make an appointment at the DMV Rhode Island are:

  • In the morning, as afternoons are busier.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays have shorter wait times than Mondays or Fridays.
  • Avoid midday, as this is the lunch time and there are fewer DMV official available, so you will have to wait longer.

REMINDER: Do not forget to contact the DMV Rhode Island by phone, email, mail, or in person to verify that you have all the paperwork required at the appointment.